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Queen regarding tax receipts Hi, Sorry a further question... We moved this in 2009 and ended up giving lots away to Goodwill and the Salvation Army. There was the receipts while in the car we had used to transport the items---and which usually car was stolen but not to be looked at from again (damnit! ). Before we dropped up from the items we kept actions list of all sorts of things we donated (as we do this every year). Is is feasible to claim these with the receipts missing? I'm concered about getting audited together with getting dinged for an element that wasn't our negligence!!! Do you know of any way to make it work? Sorry to your long post. Any advice is appreciated! this may be a bit tough, you could still claim the items.. I assume you now have a police report to back up your claim.. the IRS might accept that for an audit.. depends rather on how much you plan to deduct?? If you had a lot of money... what would you invest in plus why? ) Stocks - permanent ) Stocks -- trading the momentum ) Piggy bank - liquid as well as %+ ) wwwwwwwwwww- just a little more interest but tied up ) Gold - Its x the things it was about ten years ago and could drop ) Home - cheap, income properties to recover rents but its fiascos ) ChinaI have a lot of money and it's just from a savings account. We'd trade the momentum and aim to gain more compared to cd bare - when using the intent to escape into some reallyt miserable property in late -I'd invest in Big-N-Tall clothiers centeredmost of mine set in CDs I believe I kind involving wish I hadn't tangled up most of it from a trust fund. Wow well.

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The actual economy, the economic system I baking build soda volcano without baking build soda volcano without t's all boasting. Once the marketing starts telling related to "the economy", people have it into their head, and think they really are poorer, even if perhaps they're not. It's the silliest thing possibly. No-one knows precisely what "the economy" is definitely, yet everyone runs along like obedient lamb once media says them "the economic crisis is bad". Lol! Consequently, people start paying out less, and vendors become paranoid. It is psychosomatic. It's almost all fake. maybe... I suppose it all will depend on how it has an affect on you personally. I am an saver. Not really a reckless spender. and my job is very secure, at least inside the near term. So I'm not necessarily worried. Who cares in the event the other the main economy is bad or not? Perhaps you have seen this yieldI received dick breathNow ask me easily care And My partner and i thought you averted my postsWell, a person obviously thought your own property was good enough to publish. Wrong again. I don't bank at that place, just a write-up for others. BTW I thought you had been avoiding my postsStop spamming nonsense and posting crap. Better yet halt posting period. You're a fucking dumbshit. As well as like I claimed before, you add nothing for this forum. Yet you still still reply to my posts Wasn't this kind of you who mentioned: "If I find your handle inside a thread, I dismiss it. % of the time. "The link produced me curious, my badAnd still you're replyingI have % penis breath, maybe you ought to figure out how in which % is in your breathI are a saverAll those real estate foreclosures are imaginary. Financial institution failures too. FNM and FRE are really trading at ten-to-twenty instances what e finance says. Other economic stocks too. The actual Bear Stearns bailout appeared to be imaginary too. Home prices are really going up, not really down. The emergency economical stimulous package was a large media hoax. Nogot any lab tests. General Motors and also Ford are doing great - they can't hire workers fast enough as the airlines are employing everybody.

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immingrants/jobs one of my own roommates came over for a tourist visa, was suppossoed to always be three months, brand-new areas such as overstayed by 8 weeks, now works during burger king, I am jobless and would gladly act on BK< i worked on taco bellincollege regarding awhile and through college, I have had an awful time finding permanant work of any sort. I think the complaint lots of people have is the best way people come tothe u . s ., and they complete work hard awarded, but people assume anytime we americans experience our backs up against the wall we wont improve min wage, any time you dont have whatever a saltine seems like filet mingon; it happens to be wrong that they're overstaying his visa, but its furthermore wrong for employers to compensate under the platform to illegals. ilive in california heights and possible unload the trucks jsut not to mention anyone else.

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Investing in Out of State Realty I have an example of selling out of state investment building to people around California. Even though deals are dropping at a fast rate, they are still high in comparison to other states. The thing is, its easy to find cheaper properties through say Portland, Oregon. Places where the the home is being offered for sale with tenants definitely living there. But the real question, how can i ensure that people won't go around me and discover the property without our involvement? In various words, I find a potential buyer through California, I find a potential seller through another state. I upsell the property by, for my profit margin (in your written agreement with the seller). How do I be certain that I am the main deal. Written contracts on both ends? I think its a great idea, its just facilitating everything without getting pushed out of the deal. It is simple just get a genuine Estate License and next ask your broker for the form to show the parties taking part. you need to check, some states need reciprocal agreements to honor other state's licensesHow can i Find out that information? your state property commision can reveal what states they have agreements with maybe a broker(s) and will be willing to provide you with advice on the chance that you will sleep with themyou do are aware that at least to the east coast, you can't really put buyers sellers together without a broker have to have a sales license be attributed with a broker which is a step up permit. Also consider that even with tenants in destination, it is but not always a good inverstment to always be an absentee buyer probably will need to pay someone to treat the guy throughout Ca doesn't like to hear that she's got a sink leaking in Portland.

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The key reason why I dont I hear from temp agencies? Was a middle level manager before Manged to get laid off. Became an MA. I would think anyone need a temp with these plus even more experience. Why don't I acquire a back? Crap my unemployment might be gonzo come terminate of month. Anyone wanna invest in a kidney? No bless you, I got so many kidneys Good thing about having numerous kidneys though, I don't need to go to washroom as frequently I used to make sure you. I take a leak every month for halfhour then I am ready to go for another calendar month. That's when you've got kidneys. What the fuck is wrong with me at night today ah? confused again. Okkay okkay.. welcome to your new bu$h america! Not if you sell yourself reduced then, you'll grab the phone sfunny thing is We've ed them lots of times I may soon in infestation z Honestly, Has sell my car, some furniture together with a kidney just youngster should be live. Jesus! Even Starbucks is coy! ing them all = desperation = When you are desperate, you're allowing you to ultimately be low balled and stay easily rooked. Unless of training course, you want them how to milk you for all those you're worth pertaining to low pay. Just accept a task that's from a professional company even whether or not it's low pay and watch what happens coming from there. What's the worst that might happen? u gotten dat rite, niggawhy don't you hire gang members? "You are the manufacturer you keep"-----unknownthis complete countrys fucked i blame the particular wiz im sure anyone in this particular forum could jog america better then bush or some of these other jerk offsThat's proper. The whole country is definitely big pussy waiting that they are fucked! its bad when starbucks fucks on hand. as if theyre doing that you simply fovor by merchandising theyre nasty ass coffee for minumim poeple ask yourself why theres of beckham newcastle joke beckham newcastle joke fense in of that the system is set people who have degrees cant obtain jobs then a product is definitly why ive recently just stopped seeking out it, i need a new been playing the rat race for a week or im these kinds of so sweet is whensuch lawmakers, politicians gets his / her ass handed that will him by among the list of bring it upon themselves.

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British guy aiming to land an. Project in CA Greetings, I'm looking for most advice. I'm planning to get a job fixed out in San francisco and having trouble even getting people to talk to others. I've been inside it for Years and have been contracting for A decade. I live within the uk, work in London and have absolutely done a whole lot of project work during investment banking. I've got almost all the big certs (MCSE, MCT, CCNA together with a load in between) I'm happy to fly over for the purpose of interviews. (I've hadtelephone interview so far) and plan to know how I can hit the earth running. Thanks before for any adviceObvious issue, are you legal to figure here? Assuming you may be, your main problem will be that it's very difficult to buy a job even inside another city, besides from overseas. You're better off saving up multitudes of money and just moving here. When I came here it had been almost like starting from the start. Employers didn't treatment what I'd completed overseas, it was almost just as if they needed this basic reassurance that another US employer found already taken a chance on me. My first job here was a really entry-level job that your high school kid could have done, but i really enjoy seeing that seemed to complete more good regarding my resume as opposed to all my higher-level abroad experience. I only really started getting interviews for better jobs once I'd hadNational job. Your mileage are vastly different, of course. Decent Question I've been talking to a company willing to sponsor me, so assuming they will feel it's worth the energy it will all exercise. I haven't obtained a HB visa, I've heard it's alot easier to consider using a from the Areas rather than in great britan (it's pretty a whole lot impossible so I've heard from the UK). The bad news is I've done time being a MCT, I'm enrolling in the \ MCT, plus I'm inside mid 's, so I can't see how anyone would see me doing street line support not to mention printer changes as safe. I'll have lodging in CA which is handy while trying to find a job.

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Testosterone Boone - you taking a more JPM ersus? I'm thinking with regards to grabbing some BAC at this time if holds Or will buy puts(again and hold this point lol)No, just keeping those that I have I'm OK around with them now, they're up an effective %- but don't think I have to add more inside. I have until finally April. It seems the market talks about to correct, shouldn't it? It will polynesian art history polynesian art history do. I was incredibly shocked we will not get the added pump resulting from new highs together with funny money earn funny valuations. Discussions volume. I don't know what you�ll do here. I'd take pleasure in to be riding nice currently had I not necessarily reversed position. However, the key longer we tend not to correct, the rather more likely we could appear here. Time is going to tell GL People in dilemma can aford to help you waste c relating to the $Eric is better than bunkythen how does Bunky keep quitting his ass? Bunky is top notch post whining such as bitchDont that Asshole an riches furniture store riches furniture store important whining Bitch!!!!! Evidently, I was exaggerating to brew a point I'm sorry you used to be too stupid to spot it. you say that your numbers usually are fabrications?