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Here's what this dumb business guy is accomplishing. I found this approach opportunity by resources. Mid-cap public small business. Worked my method to the decision develop. (Not easy). Presented for their marketing. Pitched again for their execs. Traveled for their HQ, flying round trip in a single day. Lunches and shit (by shit I mean a strip club considering the resident meathead). Worked on our end by means of pricing and promotional. Not easy for getting concessions. Drew together a contract. Delivered it over. Revisions. Negotiations. Revisions. Days stuck in allowed by the law, trying to keep advocates on their side interested. AND TODAY. AND NOW! WITHFUCKING RED-LINE LEFT WITHIN THE MOTHERFUCKING CONTRACT, I HAVE SEVERAL ATTORNEYS ARGUING OVER USING "RIGHTS" OR "ALL RIGHTS". THE REASON WHY? BECAUSE THEY GRADUATED FROM RIVAL LAW SCHOOLS AND A BIG PENIS CONTEST. Yep, sales is really very easy. Everybody rolls out all the red carpet. Everyone signs when you wish them to.

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aren't getting solar burn coalBurn coal with solar? coal is a lot more cleaner and efficientOil is lesser and comes through nice barrel sizes right straight from the ground. i burn oil too in your backyard or at the rooflive underground, its like degrees decrease therSolar is fakeyep many people it fauxlar where im fromha, haya... it might be okay as long as they could get eliminate all those pesky clouds! And if you hadoracres, and onlylights. hunter/gatherers don't include this problemhuntig is normally illegal in los angeles cityf craft furniture tech craft furniture tech eels like your jungle thoughHunters and gatherers don't have a considerable amount of problems. We should return the old means. yeah where ppl enjoyed til they wereLike Jesus? dont use this lords name with vainlike hercules? Hunter gathers were heathier in comparison to the first farmersYeah, they didn't get to read the labels, justand heat. In addition to no medical insurance policies, no tuition, certainly no retirement fund, certainly no -- they placed what they acquired. Everyman was as well a king his own kingIt was a lot quicker to get what you wish... just take that. If you wasn't strong enough, you definitely got strong plenty of. If you wasn't strong enough, you definitely went without. Any time you were weak, most people died. So very simple. So elegant. Which means natural. That's actuality.

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an innovative King is born! Are they visiting nail him into the cross like all the jews did to Jebus? no, jews for no reason did that : Romans did for England. If you will re, England broke off from Rome. What if he thought we would convert to islam? such as you did? SHALOM! that you're so busted as being a muslim! Well, We do like gyros and additionally shawarma sangwiches! gyros are greekOf course this is a boy. I'm of course they abort girls. This sounds providing Not content by means of laws banning talking about or texting while driving, the Ough. S. Department of Transportation is considering including technology to automobiles which would disable cell cellular phones. The move may be a response to the growing selection of deaths and injuries related to distracted driving. It may be nice if they would frequently disable the sub-woofers in the process. i know! it is actually nuts!! I don't ride my cycling on any major roads anymore. More free lawyer jokes free lawyer jokes over, it's too cold as of late anyway.

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If GE lacks to pay taxation why should any individual else? I you % if you decide not toThey conduct pay taxes by passing in the profits to individuals and employees. Have you thought to ask why governments tend not to pay taxes? oh yeah, so if We've a small enterprise run by friends it's the same principle, right? Let me find you make excuses to spell out why a modest corporation should fork out taxes but GE is not going to. How can you do have a small corporation even though it's owned from your friends? You too can find a method to not compensate any corporate taxes should you have the brain total capacity. Don't blame GE the moment our elected officers took bribes and even passed laws enabling GE to be able to pay any tax returns. I was in the LLC that was a gaggle... of freinds. Though from experience, it's not necessary to want to visit that route. Exactly don't hire a person's out-of-work brother-in-law to solve your house. It's all headaches and looking to second guess decisions so that they can not piss everyone off. And yep, it's not which usually GE did chocolate novelty items chocolate novelty items nearly anything wrong, they just paid politicians to allow them to could legally in no way pay taxes. If someone doesn't doing this, then they should vote for that next guy who promises to rotate the system.

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As to why did I try this job job interview and HR person gave me a fabulous tour. Most for the people were not there it turned out like a spider town. The person of color in the whole entire three floors was a new receptionist. These vendors got something plotted? Although when I take it into consideration is great way for person to understand the culture of the organization. They can easily decide assuming they want work at this time there. MOST people want to see the workplaces Just as families wouldn't leave a guest hanging out in a hallway, most companies normally takes applicants on a tour from the offices. Back in the day, it was really fun in your Silicon Valley to work out all the money that's spent so frivolously on all of the toys. Only someone interested to pick a deal with would notice it has only"person of color" on the entire floors. Fat loss always tell a person's "color" without being familiar with them. Mygrandmothers were simultaneously light-skinned (one Hispanic, and therefore the other primarily African-American). Quickly, you wouldn't be prepared to tell that as well was a "person of color". No not wishing to pick a fight ?n any way I appreciated to tour. It just seemed odd that i did not see too much diversitya as We want to.

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Present me a fucking jobGet several fucking mannersOr you are likely to do what? Have winning here with CL? The dashes are generally different people foolio. And the hell think you're? Butt monkey troll? I'm just Can a big dashes. You'll purchase the hang of the item, buttmunch. You still need to read to reply to your correct posters, despite the fact. Keep working upon it. ^Bigger Dick Head^ Might be this better at this point? I'm not with reference to this thread, Einstein. You just aren't ready for dreary. And you're far too stupid to pull of this different handles ploy and get them to be appear as family members. What a dope! Whitch a particular Dip shit? adopt the bouncing baseball, waldoFollow my presenting balls Dick Scalp! ^biter winner^biter wang head^I'll keep succeeding, yes, tardmo. Now UR hired! beginning fuckin, faster, more rapid!!!!!!! Sorry all the particular hooker jobs were filled Let's Sanduskify this forum slightly moreEric is a complete sanduskyActually I think eric was sanduskiedhe was getting settled it for years before he became promoted to dollars bo bird treat recipe bird treat recipe x masterOK if over Totally bumpy if under. In my opinion he persued it though to switch to love your partner's father didn't indicate him. Uncle Gerry Sandusky gave him the whole set of attention he desired. what is of which picture? where is that it from? I tested out to open that. My system reported not trusted. Was basiy it a feces chute? I are ill-informed of what it is usually, the pic won't open^He's it also can't you say to from his outstanding firewall skillsA photo Eric keeps posting regarding beautiful those space are. He also threads that pic of your kid sitting for a lawn chair along at the beach under a blue tent. Eric would do ANYTHING to find in that boy's pants. Is this Eric at Immediately Camp? before people drink beer to people looking to rent VIA pls leave at leastcontact info, a website/ cell phone number something. im sure i can also speak for others whenever i say its gets annoying interested in jobs and you will findyou want therefore you qualified or over qualified thereafter guess what, i just cant get ahold connected with you.

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ourite Stock??? Anyone have all (informed) opinion on the e stock shall do over the next couple of months? Next year? Upcomingyears? U . s . keeps it below $, so that's a sell nowFederal? It will fall and rise and I feel highly informaed as it is a case with nearly all stocks. Check any chart for every stock and you will notice that I am in no way lying. Bank the application!! Don't forget IPO rationale: hahahahahah... ...... that can be too funny!!! Poison_fish remains to be too. that's bizarre shit. I feel e itself is here forever and actually stands the opportunity of taking around the globe. I have absolutely no idea what the stock will do however. It seems to make sure you just bounce vertical around $, and I don't visualize it taking off via that pattern any time soon. does others think that just by not entertaining chips, e is effectively pricing out the standard investor and constraining ownership to sole institutional investors? what effect does which use on its stock price in time? Not splitting the stock is a certainly better move same market cap in any case.... a stock cost can't help if people notice as "cheap" whether it is priced at $/share along with $ /share. agree with the fact, smart not to be able to splitBRKA never seemed to undertake a problem going way up. $ per share won't be prohibitive to the standard investor. I necessarily mean, you're going to acquire at least money worth anyway. If anything it contributes greatly the lower the quantity and volitility of the stock and recommends investment over hypothesis. good pointConsider Possible choices markets though sh long term contracts.